Monday, August 14, 2017

Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

genre: new adult fantasy

read Court of Thorns and Roses and Court of Mist and Fury first :)

It's time.  Hybern is ready to march on the world and those against him have to find a way to unite or there is no chance of survival.  But Feyre isn't at home preparing with her family, she is in the Spring Court, playing spy and trying to learn all she can.  Can Feyre figure out who to trust in time to find a way for Fae and Human to come together and defeat Hybern?

This is a swift-paced, violent and battle-filled book.  There is action and secrets and plot twists and heartache.  It completely engaged me and I think I liked it best of the three.  I liked how pieces from the first book shifted into place, how ideas that had already been planted in the past could be shaped to change the future.  It is desperate and yet filled with hope.  There were a couple parts that bordered on cheesy for me but I already cared enough about the characters that I could let it go.  I really liked how the bits and pieced tied together at the end, one scene even made me teary in a good way.  This was a pretty epic story overall and between the characters and their powers and the world-building, I was all in.  Great story.

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