Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes

genre: adult historical fiction

On an island in the Pacific Northwest, Inara is embarking upon an ambitious renovation project when she finds an unexpected treasure: an intricately embroidered silk sleeve.  The origin of this sleeve is a mystery that won't leave her thoughts.

In the Seattle of the late 19th century lives Mei Lien, a Chinese girl whose fate will lead her to an island and a life that will be shaped by a solid cultural history seeped in love and honor but also racism and a fear that is always clawing at the surface.

This books reminds me of those I enjoy by Susanna Kearsly, spanning two different time  periods, with a nice romantic thread. I really liked the family history theme and getting a chance to learn about a place and time that was unfamiliar to me.  There were a few plot holes and a couple too perfect coincidences, but in general, I liked reading about both Inara and Mei Lien.  The plot moved along quickly enough and even though I guessed several of the reveals ahead of time (and it was vaguely repetitive), it was still a nice place to loose myself for a while.

3.5 stars

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