Sunday, January 10, 2016

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway

genre: young adult

As 7 year olds, Emmy and Oliver were the best of friends.  Next door neighbors with their own secrets, life was predictable and full of adventure until Oliver disappeared.  And for ten years he was missing, kidnapped by his father.

Then one day, he came back.

The emotional fallout, the meeting someone you should know but needing to get to know them all over again - all of it cliche but so very real.  Oliver's return spins Emmy's senior year onto its head but it isn't long until Emmy's own issues need to be dealt with too.

With a gentle hand, Emmy and Oliver sort through some deep and painful stuff.  Their relationship feels believable and weighty.  The writing is strong and the secondary characters are great side-kick material and while it is hard to believe some of the things Emmy is able to get away with, I read this in one sitting, I liked it so much.

content: language
4.5 stars

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