Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Frederica by Georgette Heyer

genre: historical fiction

Vernon Alverstroke knows exactly what he dislikes and he has no patience for boredom.  Having lived his life in the most genteel fashion, he has managed, thus far, to live a completely pleasant life with all his experiences more or less in his control.  Well, until he meets Frederica Merriville, that is. Frederica has arrived in London with her three siblings in order to introduce her sister into London society - but she needs some assistance and appeals to Lord Alverstroke without knowing him or his character.  With one hasty decision, Vernon's life will go from orderly and prescribed to frolicking chaos.

Yes, it's a regency romance and I did enjoy it very much.  I liked the arc of Lord Alverstroke's character and Frederica is a strong and charismatic woman.   From coming-out balls to hot air balloons escapades, the plot moves along quickly even if it felt a bit long to me.  I do love her style of writing and all the funny adjectives and pet names her characters call each other make reading the story so much fun.  My only complaint is one that I have for nearly every Heyer I've read: that while you know they are in love the entire book, the moments when they are finally admitting it and being together are so few. Her endings are quite abrupt and I always want a bit more.  But the journey is always such a delightful romp that I just keep picking her books up.

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