Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vision in Silver (A Novel of the Others) by Anne Bishop

genre: paranormal fiction

This book is third in a series, Written in Red and A Murder of Crows should be read first :)

For blood-prophet Meg, the Courtyard at Lakeside is a safe space to learn and grow, to expand her mind after the rigid convinces of the Compound where she was housed all her life.   For the other blood-prophets that have been rescued, the world outside the Compound is just all Too Much - they aren't thriving.  At all.  While Meg tries to help solve this problem, Simon is working on his own issues - the growing threat of an anti-terra indigene group and the safety of those he feels responsible for, both Other and human.  When the fall-out from a power play on the East Coast hits the Lakeside Compound, it will be time for everyone to choose sides, and the resulting fight is going to have massive consequences for humans all over the planet.

I kind of can't believe I am still engaged in this story.  It's so unlike what I usually read, but I can't lie, I AM still engaged in it.  The world building is just too awesome, and that makes up for the sometimes super-cheesy dialogue and cliched scenes.  I don't feel like a whole lot happened in this book except we do meet a few new characters and there is a sense that something big is coming.  The relationship between Meg and Simon is SO slow moving, but it's okay.  I am still wrapping my brain around shape-shifting in general, but I like it.  The plot moves along fast enough that I am always eager to pick it up and that's something.  The whole idea of humans being the lesser species, needing to prove themselves, is an intriguing one.  I don't need her to tell me, AGAIN, that humans are just meat.  I get that.  When she SHOWS me that humans are expendable, that interests me more, but despite the little things that annoy me, I'm pretty sure I'm in for the long haul, because I do think this is an interesting place to spend my time.

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