Monday, April 20, 2015

A Murder of Crows (A Novel of the Others) by Anne Bishop

genre: adult paranormal fiction

A Murder of Crows is the sequel to Written in Red, so there will definitely be spoilers for that in this review.

Meg finally feels safe in the compound.  She's found a place for herself and the Others treat her as one of their own.  When violence in the Midwest increases and her prophesies begin to warn of imminent danger, humans and earth natives have to find a way to work together if a certain collector of blood prophets is going to be stopped.

I cannot deny that I totally am loving these books.  They are fast paced and the world building is pretty dang awesome.  The idea of blood prophets who can foretell the future with a cut of their skin is a fascinating plot device.  Having the elements of the earth be actual beings also creates a new kind of havoc.  Sometimes, again, Meg's naivete grated on my nerves a little bit, but she is definitely coming into her own.  The way everyone rallies around her sometimes rings a little too "Pollyanna" but for some reason, I just like it.   Sometimes the internal dialogue is romantically cheesy, and yet I like it.  Sometimes I want to not read the word "pup" one more time, and yet I keep reading because I've found that I care about these paranormal characters.   I like the slow way that Meg and Simon Wolfguard's relationship is developing, even if I cannot believe I am typing those words!  Ack!  I never would have thought about relationships between humans and shapeshifting wolves, but there you go. I'm doing it and I like it.  The end.  And I've requested the third one :)

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