Thursday, March 26, 2015

Written in Red (A Novel of the Others) by Anne Bishop

genre: paranormal fiction

Meg is running from a life so traumatic that she'll do anything to escape it.  She'll even take shelter in a compound run by the Others - those shape shifting, otherworldly characters who have the power to own the world if they want.   Within the small business district where humans and Others interact, Meg will try to build a life for herself - knowing full well that she's on her own if They ever find her.

Let the record show that despite the fact that I have never actually tried a paranormal book that's written for adults, I tried this on a friend's recommendation and I actually really liked it.  Yes, it took some time to get used to the wolves talking etc., and I still had to work a little harder than usual to suspend my disbelief, but once I was a fourth of the way in or so, I was hooked.  The story is full of interesting characters, little plot pieces that seem cheesy in some ways actually end up mattering in other ways, the storytelling is just good.  The interactions between the Others and their "prey" (us humans) were interesting, if a little forced.  I liked Meg - innocent and yet powerful in her own right, I appreciate stories with the powerful-underdog-that-captures-the-heart-of-a-town vibe.   The climax was intense and believable and I have actually already requested the next in the series.  Not life changing but a great distraction from cleaning my house and the fussing of my children :)

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