Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour

genre: ya realistic fiction

Set against the backdrop of movie sets and screenplays, Emi's life is full of creativity and meaning. But when she breaks up with her girlfriend (again), it's hard to feel like she's really good at anything - until a forgotten letter takes her on a journey to more than just answers to new questions.  With a new opportunity and a specific challenge from her brother, Emi's chance for love and real success will hinge on her ability to help a new friend find her own past while working like crazy to design the best possible future.

Writing that paragraph was like pulling teeth - I don't know WHY it is so hard for me to articulate what this book is about!  The flap makes it seem like the book is mostly film and mystery - which I feel is only partly true.  I liked those parts - it kept things engaging and it was, for the most part, believable and intriguing.  I especially loved how it made me think more about what I SEE in a movie, not just what happens - how painstaking the process of furnishing a set is and how much care is gone into it.  Mostly, though, I think this is a coming of age story and a love story.   Yes, Emi is gay, and that obviously plays a big part in her romantic story.  As much as she loves to decorate sets and make objects and spaces look beautiful and FIT the role they are supposed to play, Emi wants to love and feel loved.  She wants to love for the right reasons and do right by her friends. While sometimes the dialogue felt choppy to me,  I did like Emi's character arc and I think she comes away a stronger and better girl than she was to begin with.

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