Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Guest Review: Son of Shadow, Hero of Light by C. Louis S.

genre: middle grade

I was given a review copy for my 12 year old son to read.  His thoughts:

This is a story about how bad things in the world can make themselves look like they're good.  

Leon has the worst power you can have - he's a "glow."  He can create light - everyone else has powers that are awesome, like becoming a hulk or flying or mindbending. Leon eventually learns how to get all the powers and when a plot for revenge goes bad,  Leon has to make hard decisions about power and how to treat people.

This book was okay.  I liked how Leon went from being the most picked on kid to being one of the most popular. I didn't like how Leon became the most powerful.   I liked the writing style and probably would read something else by this author. 

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