Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Cave by Michela Montgomery

genre: new adult

Kate's plan was perfect: spend four days hiking through Wind Cave with her best friend Ano and her mentor, Percy.  Having just finished her degree at Standford, this trip through one of the world's longest caves would be the perfect time to tell Percy how she feels about him him, as well as do some in-the-field scientific research.

Of course, nothing ever really goes as planned.  Instead of a party of three, they end up heading into the cave with a party of six. Naive and with no family of her own anymore, negotiating large groups is not Kate's greatest strength and when something like an earthquake rocks the cave, she is just ready to be done and get out.  But, there is no getting out.  Because what seemed like an earthquake was actually a devastating attack on the United States and the only way to get back out is through the cave - hoping there is something to come back to on the other end.

I am a sucker for apocalyptic stories so when I got a review request for this one, I decided to give it a try.  The writing itself isn't stunning - not poetic or lyrical, but I found myself drawn into the plot anyway.  It's a unique type of survival story with twists that kept it moving right along.  I like the best friend character and the love triangle was predictable but not lame.  Kate drove me crazy sometimes - she was super wishy washy with the boys and indecisive enough I sort of wanted to shake her.  And yet, I got it.  When boys liking you is new, even if you're in your 20s, it's still hard to figure out what you want.

Point is, I liked it enough that I do really want to know what happens next - even if I didn't love it.

Note for sensitive readers: two vaguely explicit scenes that you might want to skip over.

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