Monday, November 17, 2014

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin Book 3)

genre: ya historical fantasy

In book three of the His Fair Assassin series, we continue forward in time with our story only in Mortal Heart, we are in the mind of Annith, the third of three friends at the Convent of Mortain.  While Ismae and Sybella have been sent out on assignments at the will of Mortain and direction of the Abbess, Annith has been assigned a most unwished for role: that of seeress.  Being seeress means that Annith will never leave the convent, and based on Annith's history at the convent itself, this feels like the worst of all punishments.  How can she spend her life there when she has been honed into one of Mortain's own assassins?  When whispered conversations reach her ears and the questions begin to weigh heavy, Annith makes a decision that will send flying a web of lies and secrets - and the future of Brittany hangs in the balance.

Again, I couldn't put this book down - three for three in the series in terms of tight plot development and an engaging storyline.  I think I liked Annith the least of all three main characters - her inner monologue was far more circular and almost repetitive.  I never did find as much sympathy for her as I did for Sybella.  However, I loved her romantic storyline and I really liked how the plot twists were woven into the history of France and Brittany.  This felt by far the most "fantastical" of the three, also, which took me some getting used to - and once I did, I loved the depth that it brought to the series.  I have to also say, because I'm like that, that I found at least three serious editing mistakes that jarred and annoyed me.  What is up with that?  But because I couldn't put this down, it still gets 4 stars.

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