Friday, November 14, 2014

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin Book 2)

genre: young adult historical fantasy

When Sybella leaves the convent to return to her father's house, she has been trained as an assassin but she is still broken inside.  After years of being abused, she has learned how to survive but not how to love.  As a servant of Death, she wants more than anything to send her father, D'Albret to his underworld but instead, she is given a most unwelcome assignment that, in the end, will change everything.

This was better than the first, I think because the ending felt more solid to me in this one.  I loved how the story continued on but just from the point of view of another character - a nice twist on the usual trilogy.  It completely absorbed me and while Sybella's story is very harsh at times, the historical period and the romantic plotline are engrossing.  I love the mix of the otherworldly gods and the solid historical footing, and even though we really delve into the two main characters (everyone else is fairly two dimensional) those two main characters are incredibly complex and I loved Sybella's arc.  The way she grew and changed felt very realistic.  I loved the idea of us finding our strength in our love for others.

Now I have to go read the last one.

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