Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Texts From Jane Eyre (and Other Conversations With Your Favorite Literary Characters) by Mallory Ortberg

genre: humor

Imagine that Jane Eyre had a cell phone and so did her beloved Mr. Rochester.  What would they say to each other? What about the girls from the Babysitter's Club?  Or Scarlett O'Hara and Ashley or Rhett?  This book imagines such conversations, stretching many characters to their snarkiest and most obnoxious or contrasting that to another character's mild disbelief and discomfort at someone's ranting.  To set the stage, the book's format even looks like the sort of text bubbles you see on your cell phone.

I got this as an ARC because I thought it sounded quite hilarious - and parts of it were.  A few conversations had me cackling, laughing so hard I couldn't repeat it outloud to my husband when I wanted to share.  But some of it I just didn't understand and other parts I didn't understand but they fell flat, for whatever reason.  Sometimes it was the foul language and other times I felt like the conversation just wasn't a good representation of the book she's referring to, but again, sometimes they were spot on and very funny.  It's a mixed bag, I guess.  I liked it 3.5 stars worth and if your friends don't mind lots of f-words, this would be a funny gift for a bibliophile like myself.

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Melissa Mc said...

I received an ARC too...some of it was hilarious...but if I wasn't familiar with the original works (which happened to be A LOT!) the texts were meaningless. But cute concept though.

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