Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Mind's Eye by K. C. Finn

genre: young adult paranormal

Even if Kit wasn't able to put herself into other people's minds, she would still be different.  She spends her days in a wheelchair and when Kit is sent from London to the Welsh countryside for the duration of the war, she has a hard time believing there will be anything to look forward to.  But soon Kit finds herself in a stranger's head by accident, and this Norwegian boy is in a city on the cusp of occupation and Kit isn't able to forget him or the danger he's in.  With her psychic powers, the war is suddenly at Kit's feet and even without the use of her legs, she knows she has the ability to help.

This was engaging.  I'm not a huge paranormal fan so the psychic thing took me a while to get into but I liked how Kit's story was interwoven with real world war intrigue.  Some of the plot was a little hard for me to believe (SO many coincidences!) - I had to decide to suspend my disbelief instead of it naturally happening but I liked Kit and Henri enough that I wanted to follow their story through.  The at-home-in-Wales plot was as well done as the bits of actual war action and I thought the secondary characters were well fleshed out.  Kit's disability and struggle to be at peace with her best self is a nice twist.   4 stars worth of enjoyment.

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