Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

genre: young adult

Prenna is an immigrant - but not in the usual way that we think of "immigration."  She is living in 2014 but she is from the future - a future that is rapidly becoming uninhabitable for a myriad of reasons.  Living in the past requires following strict rules - those rules are designed to keep Prenna and everyone else safe and to keep as much of the future intact as possible.  But then she meets two different people who make Prenna question everything - and she has to choose whether or not to continue to follow those rules, even if it means unhappiness for herself.  

A page turner, finally.  It's been a while.  This one grabbed me from the start - Prenna's very plausible future world, the idea of going BACK in time and just sliding yourself in there to keep yourself safe. I loved the writing style - sharp and lyrical, not a lot of wasted words.  I really loved this, actually, the romantic thread is great but there were several points where I could just SEE what was going to happen and I wanted to tell Prenna to turn her brain on!  Don't go in there! etc. but there were also enough surprises that I just had to finish reading it in a day.  The romantic interest is too perfect for real life but also so just right that you want to believe a boy can be that good.   The ending was enough closure that I'm not annoyed but I can see that maybe there could somehow be more.  I'd totally want more.

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