Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

genre: young adult fiction

This is the sequel to If I Stay - so for sure there will be spoilers here for that first book.

Mia has woken up.  When we revisit her story, it's three years later - and we're no longer in Mia's head. We're in Adam's.  Adam has hit the big time - but his fame and celebrity hasn't actually brought him the kind of happiness you'd imagine.  With Mia's cello career giving her her own opportunities, music is at the core of them both - but what in the world is finally going to bring them peace?

I can't decide if I loved it.  I didn't love being with Adam as much as with Mia.  His narrative was pretty depressing.  I think I had a hard time stretching myself to believe it - and once I was almost ready to, it ended.  Pretty abruptly, I thought.  It's good enough closure, I think I just wanted more.  I needed time to believe in forgiveness and (SPOILER!!!  SPOILER!!!) one day just didn't seem like enough for all to be right between them again.  Although the ending was abrupt, it was also well written and seemed to fit their story. Good to know how it ends, I guess.

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The Avid Reader said...

I liked this one a lot, but I definitely liked If I Stay much better. I was really surprised at first that there was even going to be a sequel as I liked how the first one ended. Totally agree that one day is a major stretch.

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