Sunday, September 28, 2014

Death Sworn by Leah Cypess

 genre: young adult fantasy

When Ileni enters the Assassian's cave, she knows there is no turning back.  The one thing she valued, her magic, is slowly draining away and all that is left for her is a life among killers.  And while one part of her is supposed to be teaching magic skills to this all-male group of assassins - the other part of her is determined to figure out what happened to her predecessor, all while somehow managing to stay alive herself.

So, its got magic (some of which mysteriously is disappearing for unknown reasons and which was super frustrating, even to me as a reader), its definitely got mystery and there is some romance too.  I liked it!  I was intrigued by the Assassin culture and Ileni is an interesting character because she is put in such a tough position.  I felt almost anxious for her sometimes, which makes for uncomfortable reading -but I also think that's the sign of a good plot, I had to imagine myself in a really lame situation without my usual skills to get myself out.  What would I do?

I was surprisingly annoyed by how it ended - clearly another book is in order.  I just was having such a fun time being engrossed in the story that I was wanting some closure.  Yeah, none.  I will read the sequel but I wish I'd just waited to read this first one until it came out, dangit.

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