Thursday, July 29, 2021

What Happened to You: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing by Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey (audiobook)

 genre: non-fiction

I am only just starting to learn about trauma and the way it can impact our bodies.  This book is an excellent way to be introduced - Dr. Perry is a wealth of both scientific and anecdotal information regarding trauma and the writing style is incredibly readable.  Oprah's insights and own life experiences flesh out the ideas that he's talking about - she helped me better appreciate the nuance of what trauma can do to a person.

For me, these ideas are deeply important.  It truly has changed my mindset when I think about the people in my life or community whose behavior either upsets me or confuses me - heck, it makes me reevaluate my OWN behaviors.  To focus on what has HAPPENED to someone as opposed to WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU feels like a seismic shift.  It's so compassionate.  Especially when, based on the science shared by Dr. Perry, the question of "what happened to you" will more quickly, efficiently and accurately lead to the kinds of help and treatment that survivors of trauma (both Big T and little T) need to heal.

I highly recommend this book.  The audio was really well done.

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