Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


In this fourth book of the Twilight series, Edward and Bella take the nuptial leap - with some very bizarre and far- reaching consequences. Alliances are made, families expand and the end of life as Bella knows it creeps ever closer.

I wasn't waiting as breathlessly for this book as some of my friends. I'm glad my expectations weren't too high, otherwise I would've been disappointed. As it is, I was surprised by how bored I was through the first 2/3 of the book. I felt like Meyer was taking way to long to tell the story: a twist would come up and we'd harp on it for fifty pages. Entire sections felt completely irrelevant to the plot. The humor and constant badgering between vampire and werewolf got old. Certain scenes, especially on the honeymoon, made me feel uncomfortable knowing that preteens I know have read this book - which isn't necessarily Meyer's fault, but a fact nonetheless. I'd definitely label it as adult fiction, not young adult.

One good thing I did notice is that Bella came into her own a bit - she didn't bother me half as much in this book as in the two previous books. The whiny-ness that annoyed me so much abated and she began to think outside of herself and Edward more. I finally really got into the story about 100 pages before it ended - the climax felt authentic and I liked how it was set up. The world she created came into a nice focus that I appreciated.

Can I recommend this book to everyone? Not likely. If you loved the first three, chances are you'll love this one.


Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Ha ha! Just as I was thinking I might need to jump on the Stephenie Meyer bandwaggon I feel like I don't need to rush anymore. All I've read are glowing reviews and I think sometimes we get so caught up in the hype that it colors what we think. Thank you for the very honest review!

Jenni said...

Great review Corinne! I was most uncomfortable with those scenes for the same reason - just knowing that so many young girls were reading them. The Romanian vampires at the end cracked my guts up!!! I want to give Stephenie a high five for putting them in!:) All and all I have to say that it was okay with some really weird moments, but definitely not my favorite - that will always be Twilight!!!:) And I'll always have you to thank for recommending Twilight to me!:)

Terri B. said...

Nicely done review. I'm not sure if I'll bother to review this one or not. I reviewed the first three and pointed out some things that I didn't care for, though overall I enjoyed the books very much as an adult married woman remembering teen feelings. I'm still concerned about the pre-teens reading them.

Anonymous said...

IK some people agree with you but i dont. when ppl say this kind of stuff it make me feel like an obsessed crazy person as i have blog devoted to it.
ik alot of my frends love this series alot. i even started writing a novell that comes after BD from Nessies, Jakes, and Alices so far. I got like 6 or 7 ppl ( gurls and guyz) to read and love this book. And if u think its too graphic pick up basically any book in the teen section and it is so much more graphic. most authors don't even bother to skip over the "" scenes.

Anonymous said...

i think it is okay to have an opinion but people really if you want to know how it is read it yourself i am 14 years old and i thought it was very good but i do not think it was too graphic at least she didn't actually say oh she felt this and this just read the book

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