Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

genre: contemporary fiction

When Alice wakes up after hitting her head at the gym, she's worried about the baby in her belly, concerned about her husband Nick and anxious to just get home.  What she soon finds out, however, is that instead of 1998, it's 2008 - and the last ten years have been erased from her memory.  What she slowly pieces together is that the last ten years have turned her into a person she doesn't even recognize - or necessarily like a whole lot.  There are issues to solve that no one seems to want to explain to her and how does one be in charge of three children one doesn't even KNOW?  But even more confusing than all of that is that is appears as though her beloved marriage is broken and unfixable - and all Alice can remember is being head-over-heels in love with Nick.  Alice has got to find a way to merge a distant past and a confusing present if she wants to put her life back together.

This was recommended to me, otherwise I probably would've never picked it up - but it turns out I REALLY liked it.  I can't stop thinking about it - this extraordinary circumstance and how one would have to cope with it.  It made me think about how age and time and trials change us so slowly we don't even recognize it in ourselves.  It made me think about families and how we love and hurt each other and how one would go about fixing the relationships we'd forgotten we treasured.  Good writing, very engaging premise, very realistic and respectful treatment of some really complicated issues like marriage and infertility and friendship, issues that are very much a part of my own life.  What Alice Forgot made me introspective about myself and my circle of people and I appreciate that.

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