Saturday, October 21, 2017

Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson

genre: young adult historical fantasy

Second in the Gold Seer Triology, read the first book first :)  Leah Westfall survived her journey across the country from Georgia and is settling into a life in the frontier of California. With her friends around her, she's ready to create a town together but, of course, her Uncle Hiram cannot just leave well enough alone.   It isn't long until she's taken to his mine against her will and what she sees there is appalling.  But what can a girl who senses gold do when she can't even take care of herself?

This book really took me to a place and time I've never really read about.  The Gold Rush has its dark and dirty secrets and I love that these really tough and ugly issues are confronted and laid bare.  Leah cares deeply about things, I like that.  She's strong and capable and WANTS to help.  Sometimes the book moved a bit slow for me and I wanted more from the romantic tension but I did enjoy reading it. I probably won't end up reading the third, I got enough resolution at the end.

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