Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Great Passage by Shion Miura

genre: modern fiction

The creation of a Japanese Dictionary is the passion of a few dedicated men at Gembu Publishing.  When the situation in Kohei Araki's home life means he needs to step back and hire a new editor, he finds a kindred, if quirky, spirit in Mitsuya Majime. Mitsuya is passionate about language, both modern and antiquated and is the perfect leader for a dictionary that aims to lead readers over the sea of words.

Because I got this for free as a Kindle First read, my expectations were really low.  I was surprised by how engaged I became in the story.  The characters themselves didn't super intrigue me - Mitsuya seems to almost have borderline Aspberger's, he's that quirky, but I liked the whole process of creating a dictionary and the look it gave me into Japanese life and the complexity and subtlety of the Japanese language..  As an avid reader, I found a lot of quotes that resonated about the power of words and although I wasn't dying to read it, I cared enough to finish it.

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