Thursday, April 27, 2017

Munich Signature (Zion Covenant #3) by Bodie Thoene

genre: historical fiction

In this third installment, we are still following Murphy, Elisa, Leah and Shimon as Hitler begins his plans to take over Czechoslovakia.   While the fate of nations is in the hands of just a very few, there are millions feeling the effects of their choices.  While there are those who want to stand firm against Hitler, their voices are getting harder and harder to hear.  In their own ways, our four main characters are trying to stay alive and keep hope that peace is still possible - all the while fearing the poisonous reach of Hitler and his Gestapo.

I like these books because they put human faces, albeit fictional ones, onto the masses of ordinary people whose lives were upended - both normal German citizens and all Europeans.  This installment certainly splays open American intolerance and hesitation to help take in refugees - a situation that feels eerily familiar right now.  This book feels a little more politically-heavy as opposed to plot-driven and I wasn't as engrossed in it as I have been in others but I did like it and by 2/3 of the way through was more eager to pick it up.

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