Saturday, October 1, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

genre: fantasy

Having been a Potter fan for nearly 17 years or something, I had a strange hesitation to read this script-book.  For so long, especially through the earliest years of being a parent, Harry Potter and his story were grand escapism for me.   I was all in - I read the "end" of his story and wept and rejoiced and I still cry when I read it again or watch the film.  For me, it is a story of redemption and the triumph of good and kindness over evil.  They aren't perfect books and I like some more than others but overall, they touch something inside me that's deep and real.

When I heard this was a thing - I worried that MORE would somehow spoil what WAS.  That seeing Harry as an adult would somehow diminish what I knew.  But I also knew I couldn't stay away because I did actually want to know what happens.

So I read it.

Some of it fell flat.  I felt like even by making TWO plays, it was still so so rushed, like it was spinning past me - and maybe that was intentional - I just didn't always like it.  People felt more caricatured than I like - Hermione and Ron, especially, seemed like shells of themselves, I think because there wasn't time to flesh them out, I don't know.  It's dark, but even as I was reading it and I had that thought, my next thought was - so were the rest of the books.  It's a dark world Harry and his friends have to live and survive in.

What I did love was dipping my toes back into this world.  I loved certain scenes that still had the same heart, the same acknowledgment of the power of the good inside us.  Other parts were painful and intimate, I liked that too.  I liked exploring the obstacle-filled road that is parenthood and how none of us have a script for how to help our teens figure out their own path.  I liked the time travel aspect, that worked for me and I thought it was actually a really interesting devise - I just had no idea which way the plot would lead and I liked the plot itself.

At least I'm not sorry I read it, so that's good.

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