Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letters From Skye by Jessica Brockmole

genre: historical fiction

On a windswept, isolated island of the coast of Scotland, Elspeth lives a rather solitary life. She writes poetry, she writes letters and she thinks of the war going on in France that will become World War I.

Davey, an American college student, writes a fan letter to Elspeth - just to thank her for her poetry. But soon, a correspondent begins that will change both of their lives.

Set in multiple time periods, this epistolary novel explores love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness. The characters are fine - they as fleshed out as they could be in this style of book, although I sometimes had a hard time convincing myself to believe in the time period completely.  I did love the imagery of the Isle of Skye - it's exactly what I remember from my time there and the story itself did move at a quick pace. 

*****spoiler***** As much as I liked the romance that blossoms I have a hard time being excited about an affair.  The fact that she was married meant that I could never give my heart to the crux of the novel.  I knew how it would end as soon as it began, which annoys me, also.  Also, she really somehow put a suitcase full of letters INTO her wall?  That seems extreme.

****end spoiler****

Overall, it was fine to read while walking on the treadmill but it didn't blow me away.

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Click here for Bear Viewing said...

Ms. Brockmole has written a story that transcends time. Love grows word by word, letter by letter. She paints vivid scenes of the beauty and ruggedness of the Isle of Skye and Edinburgh. Scotland is a place haunted and beloved.

I recommend this book. It will be one I will likely read again in the future.

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