Sunday, July 3, 2016

Classic Starts: The Last of the Mohicans

genre: kids' abridged version of a classic :)

Set during the French and Indian War, this is a story of Native Americans and their involvement in a colonial conflict over land.  It's the story of a Mohican father and son and their beloved friend Hawk-eye and how they end up in the thick of a chase over the two daughters of a British colonel.  It's a frontier story, a story of betrayal and deceit as well as loyalty and honor.  It's sad almost across the board, let me just say.

Yet, my 10 year old son really enjoyed it.  He always wanted me to read more, his only complaint was that it was too short!  He got surprised at the right moments, he recognized lies when he heard them - it was just right for his age (even if he didn't like it QUITE enough to want to pick it up and read it himself).  For me?  It felt very repetitive.  Like a wheel turning - people get taken and kidnapped, they escape or get rescued, they get caught again.  Lots of chasing and hiding.  Not much happened, in my opinion.  I only wasn't bored because I love the three main male characters - they are good and true men and I have a hard time NOT imagining Daniel-Day Lewis when I read so that helps :)  Three stars just because my son liked it.  I'd give it 2 :)

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