Friday, June 3, 2016

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

genre: contemporary adult fiction

Lou Clark needs a job.  Desperately.  With few skills and no desire to look farther than her tiny home village, she ends up a caregiver for a young quadriplegic named Will.  Will, whose life had been as full of adventure as Lou's was empty of it.  Will, whose wheelchair-bound existence doesn't help him be a pleasant person to care for.   While Lou becomes increasingly invested in Will's life, she begins to learn that there are things that can only be learned out in the wide world and helping Will be a part of that wide world again is even more challenging that she could've imagined.

I picked this one up (I actually paid full price for a Kindle book, what?) so I could go see the movie with my sister and I have a strict read-the-book-first policy.

I have to say that I did fall pretty hard.  As in, I walked around with my Kindle in my face all morning and afternoon until I finished it.  In a day.  It's not super deep, no, but there was an ethical piece that I wasn't expecting and while I wasn't completely sold on it I did find myself very invested in both Lou and Will and the choices they made.  It's got nice witty undertones and the family characters are fleshed out and real - I particularly liked the sisters relationship.  I got emotionally invested and it's a been a while since I read a nice solid chick-lit novel whose love story didn't fall into a romance novel-y predictable blah.  YES, of course it's a little predictable but not in an annoying way.

Point is, I read it in a day and I really loved it.  4.5 stars for hitting the spot.

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