Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Last Girl by Joe Hart

genre: dystopia/science fiction

For some reason, women are no longer having girl babies.  When the female birthrate drops to nearly nothing and governments and scientists can't figure out why, the world that was disappears.  By the time Zoey is old enough to ask questions, she knows that a plague wiped out nearly everyone else on the planet and that the compound where she lives is the only safe place for a surviving girl like her. But that safety comes at a huge price.  Living like a prisoner, always watched and with nothing to call her own, Zoey is done with safety - what she craves is freedom, whatever the cost.

This book.  I got it for free from Kindle First.  Here is why I finished it: because I had to give up on the last THREE books I've tried and I was sick of reading poorly written and edited books and I hoped that if I just kept going it would get better.

It didn't.

The world building doesn't sit right.  The plotholes.  The violence (so much in-your-face slaughter, like, actually blood spraying onto your face kind of slaughter).  So many paragraphs about being in pain in one way or another, it got really annoying.  I just couldn't suspend my disbelief for so much of it and that actually annoyed me because I think this is an intriguing idea - what WOULD the world do if it ran out of girls?  The writing isn't BAD.   It got too wordy sometimes and I had to skim but it's readable and that's the only thing that kept me going except that Zoey does have a compassionate side that I liked but then there is just SO MUCH DEATH AND VIOLENCE that at the end I wanted to throw my kindle out the car window.  I couldn't even appreciate the little redemption at the end because I was so annoyed at the needlessness - it didn't feel just callused, it felt more like the author was trying to just WABAAAAMMMM it to me and it makes me feel disrespected as a reader.

Not good.

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