Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer

genre: historical fiction

Lord Richard Wyndham is a Corinthian - a man with the finest principles, dressed in the finest styles.  He takes pride in his independent nature and his solid common sense - not to mention his wicked grasp of cravat-tying.  So when his mother and sister harass him about finding a wife, he wants nothing of it.  Soon enough, though, he is on the brink of giving in when the adventure of a lifetime drops, literally, into his arms.   From the seat of a stage coach to a woodland crime scene, Lord Richard's skills as a Corinthian have never been so needed.  

Delightful.  This book had me chuckling out loud at both Lord Richard as well as the young-woman-in-disguise whose company he joins.  Heyer's conversational banter can be so witty, her characters so full of life that it is just a joy to read her stories.  Seriously, Richard's penchant for tying the perfect cravat had me almost in hysterics.  I loved the slow romance of this one and my only complaint is that it ended too soon!  I wanted more!  I don't love all of her books but The Corinthian is exactly the style I love - uproarious, romantic and sharply witty.  

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