Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan (audiobook)

genre: humor

Jim Gaffigan is your average guy in some ways - he loves sleep and cheese, hanging out and watching football.  However, in other ways, he is NOT so average.  He's a stand-up comedian and the father of FIVE.  Five children, whom he is raising with his wife in a two bedroom walk up in New York City.   I don't know about the rest of his comedy, but this book is a collection of short essays/vignettes/routines about the angst and drama that is raising a family of kids.

I don't even remember now who recommended this audiobook to me but OH it had me laughing outloud!  I love that he clearly loves being a parent - he's not glamorizing it, but he's not vilifying it either.  He's brutally honest about all ridiculousness we deal with as parents and as a parent of five myself, he knows what he's talking about!  I'm so glad I did the audio because he had me cackling with mirth when he was imitating his children.   I've heard that there are a lot of pictures in the actual paper book that are awesome but I'm glad I listened because I felt like I was at a live show.  Clean comedy about the kinds of crazy I spend my days dealing with  - this was a great one.

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