Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

genre: fiction

Buck is a dog. Buck has lived a life of relative ease and leisure on a lovely California estate, everything he needs is handed to him and he is universally adored.  Soon, though, the lure of gold in Alaska will lead to Buck's new life in the bitter wilderness as a sled dog among the wild creatures of the North.

I am not really a dog person.  I am not really an animal-book person either.  The only reason I picked this up is because my daughter is reading it for her 7th grade English class.  But guess what?  It's actually pretty stinking good!  The writing is beautiful - descriptive and surprisingly entertaining.  His adventures are both triumphant and heartbreaking, I appreciate London's ability to turn Buck into a being with a soul and a memory.  I probably wouldn't ever read it again, but I can imagine it'd be a great book to discuss in an English class :)


bermudaonion said...

My dad loved that book!

Veens said...

You know i have been reading this book for a long time, I even have it on the iPad. I really need to read it soon. Lovely review.

Okie said...

I read this ages ago (in an English class, no less) but I honestly remember very little about it.

I recently picked up a copy from a used book store and intend to read it again one of these days...maybe during the winter to better appreciate the cold. :)

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