Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fallen by Lauren Kate

genre: ya paranormal romance

When Luce Price starts school at the for screw-ups-only Sword and Cross boarding school, she is already carrying plenty of emotional baggage.  She's hardly there for any time at all until it is clear something else is going to be weighing on her: that boy, Daniel. He is so familiar that it can't just be coincidence but he is clearly avoiding her and actually, not particularly kind to her either.  As much as Luce wants to be close to him, Daniel refuses to tell her why he is so NOT willing to be with her.  What is he hiding? 

I shall tell you ahead of time, this is an "angel" story.  My hopes for the romantic storyline were raised a little too high based on the review quotes I happened to read beforehand, I think.  While I read it in a day because the plot did move swiftly,and I liked the gothic-y feeling of the book, I felt like it finished with too many questions unanswered and the romance a bit too one sided for my taste.  There is clearly a major love triangle ready to get started and I don't feel like I know Luce well enough yet to get WHY these guys are so in love with her.  I get that it's supposed to make me want to read the second book, but it still felt like I wasn't told much more than I sort of figured out on my own.  I guess, nothing at the end surprised me and I was waiting for some kind of big shocker after a lot of build-up.  Anyway, I probably will still read the second one since it's already in my house from the library, but I didn't LOVE love it.  3.5 stars.

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bermudaonion said...

Paranormal romance? It's probably not for me.

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