Sunday, June 3, 2012

Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys: The Rat Brain Fiasco by Julie Gardner

genre: children

Cody Mack isn't exactly a model citizen.  In fact, he has made so many "poor" choices at school, that his parents are shipping him off to Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys, where he will be under the care of a very suspicious headmaster and by all manner of suspicious teachers.  Certainly things can't get any worse than the nasty food and creepy school until Cody uncovers a plot that makes monsters for teachers look like child's play.

After my nine year old read this book in about an hour and loved it, I read it outloud to my nearly seven year old son, who ADORED it.  I mean, laughed his guts out.  So I can't bring myself to even call it "literature," that's okay.  It is FULL of illustrations - most of them more comic book in nature, including dialogue in speech bubbles,  and so it is constantly drawing back in younger (or less advanced or more distractable) readers.  There's enough gross and scary-ish stuff to keep any child engaged, the totally wacky adults/monsters are a hoot and Cody's knack for crazy ideas that almost work makes for a really fun read.  Was I always itching to pick it up myself?  No.  But when your son is begging you to read to him, you pick it up, right?  I think that for the intended audience, this book hits the mark.

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Julie said...

So fun! Thanks, Corinne, for this great review. If you'd like me to send some Splurchy tattoos & bookmarks to your boys, email me a snail mail address at and I'll send them a little goodie envelope. Cheers!

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