Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

genre: young adult fantasy

Tess has power.  She knows it and it terrifies her - because not only does she not truly understand it, it's enough to have her branded a witch.  In a land that has to be shared between humans, dragons and fairies, being different is enough to get you in serious trouble.  Soon, she has to flee and her journey to find safety leads her into a political hotbed where myths and legends have more than a grain of truth and no one you meet is exactly what they seem.

A fantastic blend of historical fiction, fantasy and mythology, Dragonswood was a pleasure to read. While I saw the ending way sooner than I would like, I appreciated that Carey didn't rush us to the finish - there was much of interest along the way.  I did love the dragons and their interactions with the other peoples - really, I liked all of the fantastical creatures and humans in this story.  The romance was slower moving that I usually want but it was quite nicely done, I have to admit.  Instead of being a romantic book, it was a fantasy story with a solid plot (only one glaring hole at the end that didn't really spoil anything) that just happened to have enough romance to make it interesting.  I did enjoy it.

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