Tuesday, March 22, 2011

King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema by Anupama Chopra

genre: non-fiction, biography, history

Yes, I just read a book about Bollywood and one of it's major supastarzzzz. Yes, I enjoyed it. I read it mostly to learn about dear Shah, whom I have watched lately in two VERY different roles and enjoyed both times. The book seems to be a fairly balanced look at his life and how it fits into the incredibly intricate and dramatic (um I'll say it again: DRAMATIC) world of Indian cinema. It's like jumping into an alternate universe, in some ways, with so many unfamiliar people and places, but I found it totally enjoyable. If you don't care about the subject, I'd imagine it would bore you, but since I happen to be a fan of emotional dramas, crazy rocking dance scenes and epic stories involving reincarnation, murder and disco - it was a fun enough read for me. Plus, I have a new list of movies I want to see and songs I want to hear :)


Melissa said...

LOL!! :-D (Hadippa!)

Deb said...

i just got this for g for his birthday! i'm looking forward to reading it over his shoulder. :)

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