Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Silver Donkey by Sonya Harnett

book 1 of 12 for the Young Adult Challenge

A story-telling soldier, trying to go home in the midst of a war, is found in the woods by two children. This unassuming and mild book gives us at glimpse at his life and choices while the children try to decide what to do and how to help. Donkeys are the thread between the soldier's stories, teaching the children the qualities that make thoughtful and courageous adults.

I can't decide if it's children's literature or young adult literature. The writing isn't juvenile, just sparse and direct, and very pleasant and easy to read. The lives of the children (Marcelle and Coco) seem peaceful and provincial - perhaps a bit too much so, considering they are down the road from French battlefields. The images and flashbacks of World War I and the trenches could be harsh for younger readers/listeners. The writing is not at all graphic, just sad. I liked this book and I think I'll read it to my own children when they're older

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Cami said...

Oh, I'm glad it's good. Because I own it.

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