Friday, March 21, 2008

American Born Chinese by Gene Yang

I've never read a graphic novel before - I got this one from the library when I read about the author coming to town. I wasn't sure what to expect - but I found it really readable. I think anyone who has lived through adolescence can identify with a lot of the feelings of the main character - whether you are of the majority race in your community or not. I think Yang presents a really interesting look at how hard we look to find ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin. I liked that the drawings and the switching between modern-day and folklore really made me stop and think and reason things out - to figure out what exactly Yang was trying to say. While occasionally it got a little too super-hero-ish for me, I really did like the colorful and drawn format - a change of pace for me. I was sad when I turned the page and saw that it was finished. Worth picking up.

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