Friday, March 16, 2018

Homeless Bird by Glorian Whelan

genre: young adult fiction

Koly’s parents have arranged a marriage for her. As a young daughter in India, she knows she should be grateful but she can’t help but fear a life among strangers, far from her home and parents. The lessons Koly quickly learns, the suffering and doubt, the weight of it could crush someone weak - but Koly doesn’t give up easily. With fingers that are nimble with a needle and a heart that longs for simple happiness and acceptance, Koly will need to learn to handle whatever life hands her.

While I didn’t find the writing particularly beautiful or lyrical, I did enjoy this story of India. Some characters felt a bit caricatured but I found myself sympathetic towards Koly and the plight of all young brides in arranged marriages. I think it’s a great cultural introduction for younger readers.

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