Friday, October 27, 2017

Last Unspoiled Place: Exploring Utah's Logan Canyon by Michael S Sweeney

genre: non-fiction

In northern Utah there is a smallish city called Logan. Both college town and agricultural area, it sits at the mouth of a huge canyon of the same name. This book takes us through the canyon, mile marker by mile marker, exploring the geography, geology as well as the human interest in the area. It’s not a guide book, although I love that I found in its pages many ideas of places I’d like to visit, it’s more of a tribute, a journey, an introduction to a unique and beautiful part of the world. Little vignettes about fly fishing, mining, skiing and historic figures spice up the narrative that’s written like a National Geographic article. The photography is lovely and while there were a couple typos, I enjoyed what I learned. I will soon be packing up my family and moving to this area next summer and this book really did get me excited for the journey.

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