Monday, March 6, 2017

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon (audiobook)

genre: young adult fiction

One day. Is it possible for one day to change everything? Both Natasha and Daniel believe it is, despite all the things they feel differently about: like how Natasha puts her faith in facts, observable and record-able, and like how Daniel feels things so deeply, knowing that falling in love can happen in an instant. Even with two totally different ways of looking at a situation, they both know that, despite having just met, something is THERE - even if this happens to be a horrible day for that kind of magic to happen.

THIS BOOK. Oh, it made me feel things. The chaos and beauty and power of that first, real love. I hurt for Natasha and her family, preparing to be deported back to Jamaica, their relationships so full of unsaid disappointments. And I ached for Daniel's family, who all live together in America but life in Korea is seeped in everything they do and every choice they make.

I loved the narrative format that let me alternate listening in the heads of both Natasha and Daniel. Short forays in the stories of minor characters fleshes out and deepens the idea that we ALL have a story - and that every choice we make can affect others in ways we'd never dreamed.

I loved this book - it doesn't shy away from family dysfunction, immigration issues, racial issues - but there is heart in there so deep that you can't help but feel compassion even with all the trickiness.

Note: the readers are AMAZING in the audio but be aware there is strong language

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