Friday, September 16, 2016

Interference by Amélie Antoine

genre: thriller

Gabriel is in love with his wife.  He loves their life together in a small coastal town in France.  He's happy with his job as a banker.  But in one moment, one phone call, the structure of his life falls to pieces. Told from multiple viewpoints, this book explores not only what happens next to Gabriel but the choices he makes and the ways he copes with what he's lost.

Meh.  I can't even write a summary without giving things away but truth is that while it was readable enough, I just did not believe the "twist."  It required too much suspending of my disbelief.  It's a "thriller," I guess, but it ended very quickly (too quickly for me) and I finished feeling blah.  The writing is bland but not horrible and I never wanted to give it up I just...meh. Maybe I should've.


Sherry Preston said...

I am a librarian in western Nebraska. I would like to follow you on goodreads, but I don't know how to find you...our book group just read Big Rock Candy Mountain, and your review came up on my google search for book discussion questions (there were none). I like your reviews, we have similar tastes in books, and it would be handier for me to follow you on goodreads. I am Sherry Beth Preston on goodreads, and my picture is a mudflap girl reading. I hope we can find each other!

Michael Milano said...

I just want to say Hi to you :)
Keep writing great reviews :)

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