Friday, August 5, 2016

Coming Home by Kristy Nunley

genre: contemporary fiction

Olivia has come to enjoy her job as a personal assistant for a crotchety old professor at her college. While it has its frustrating moments, this job helps her be able to afford school far from home and over time, that old professor has become something like a friend. But when one night's horror reveals mystery after mystery, Olivia is suddenly in the thick of a plot of someone else's making.

I wasn't quite anticipating the adventurous/thrilleresque turns this book took! The dialogue is witty and smart. I liked the overall plot and appreciated the challenging circumstances Olivia found herself in. The romance is fun, even if it's a little too good to be true, it was still fun to read. Several minor plot holes made it harder for me to loose myself in Olivia's world and sometimes things worked out so quickly that I had to stretch to suspend my disbelief - but I can't deny that I was entertained and found myself thinking about it when I wasn't reading, which means a solid 3.5 stars from me!

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