Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

genre: ya dystopia

Mare is a Red and it's not good to be a Red.  If your blood is red then you are under the thumb of the Silvers, whose silver blood and special powers make them like Gods.  Subservient, downtrodden and desperately poor, to be a Red is to recognize that life will not be good for you.  Not ever.   Just as Mare is on the brink of the inevitable, an unexpected chance leads her to learn something about herself that changes actually everything. Thrust into the glittering and viperous world of the Silvers, betrayal is the name of the game and Mare needs to figure out how to navigate that world as much as she needs to figure out what in the world she really IS.

This was a fast and interesting book.  Yes, it's VERY Hunger Games-esque, very much a dystopian revolution story with a fantasy twist but it worked and was different enough that the plot twists really kept me wanting to read.  The love triangle (such as it is) isn't predictable and I liked that, it feels less like the romance is driving the plot than the political action and the court intrigue.  I enjoyed it enough that I would keep reading except that I just went and looked and apparently there will be FOUR and the second two aren't out yet and I'm not so in love that I can be that committed.  Maybe when they are all out I'll try them.

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