Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

genre: adult paranormal

Sunshine feeds people. Working the crazy-early shift at Charlie’s coffeehouse, she bakes cinnamon rolls and muffins that help ease the tension of living in a world full of werecreatures, magicians and vampires: Others. Sunshine has always managed to live her life ever-interested but never a PART of any real sort of Others entanglement until one fateful night at the lake after which being removed from the world of the Others is no longer possible. One choice links Sunshine to a new path that even fresh-baked cinnamon rolls can’t help her to navigate.

This is my first McKinley book for adults and it was engaging. Sunhine is a complicated character, and while her narrative voice sometimes drove me crazy I did love watching her learn about herself and what she’s capable of. The world-building here is creative and intricate and the pauses in the action to explain it didn’t feel annoying, which is some good writing. I don’t always love vampire stuff but there are a lot of interesting relationships here and I believed how complicated it could all be. The climax scene was intense and believable and although I did want a little more from the ending, I believed it. 

One thing I will say that takes it from four stars to three, for me, is one surprising scene that has both graphic moments and foul language. I get that this is an adult book but it didn’t fit the feel of the rest of the story to me. Despite that, though, I was always happy to read it while on the treadmill and it was unique enough to keep me guessing.

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