Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (the Elemental Trilogy Book 1) (audiobook)

genre: young adult fantasy

Iolanthe was born with the ability to control the elements, well, three of the four, anyway: earth, fire and water will bend to her command.  Living a life among elemental mages, however, these abilities don't particularly set her apart.  Soon, however, Iolanthe is in danger and she doesn't even understand why.  When Prince Titus reveals the true nature of her forseen fate and the power she hasn't even yet comprehended, the world of mages is no longer safe for her.  Soon she must decide between what she wants and what she almost believes is her destiny.

A girl who can call down lightening or manipulate water?  A boy with wicked spellcasting skills and a heart that is determined to be fearless no matter the task he must face?  I could not get enough of this story.  I found myself listening in every spare moment, the narrator is amazing!  I loved that their relationship was complicated, not an easy linear romance and not a love triangle either.  Just two people with an incredible burden, living in a world where they are constantly watched and their best may never be enough.  The world building is SO good, this parallel magical realm plus extra-dimensional spheres had my brain stretching just enough that I was completely engrossed.   Lots of little intriguing threads that make me eager for the next story to begin.


Kay said...

I LOVE this series and ship the ship so hard! I now want to listen to it as well. I am glad you enjoyed it!

erin sheely said...

Ack! How I love this story

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