Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling

genre: memoir

Do you know of Lindsey Stirling?  She's a dancing violinist, YouTube phenomenon. She's also a quirky and passionate young women who belongs to the same religion I do.  This book is her story - her childhood, her demons, her rise to fame and the hard work of staying there.  While my teenage daughter is the first person who showed me her work, I got to know more of her story when I saw one of my husband's motivational videos in which a small part of Lindsey's journey is told - the part where she was absolutely ripped apart on a nationally-televised talent show and then DIDN'T GIVE UP.  Then I saw an I am a Mormon video in which she spoke a little bit about having an eating disorder, I was impressed by her bravery to open up about it.  So when I saw she wrote a book, I actually did want to know more.

So, like I said, she's quirky.  Her writing style is quirky too but it didn't annoy me, sometimes it made me chuckle but it always entertained.  My only hang-up was that sometimes the quirkiness verged on cheesy.  She's self-depreciating without downplaying her success - she just seems like a real person, shocking.  I really appreciated her honesty about the things that were hard - anorexia, failure, selfishness - she shared her truth and then what she learned and is still learning.  Also, she is so open about her decision to be faithful, to choose modest clothing and to not join in the party scene.  For me, it's super relatable and while it might not be for others, maybe a new perspective on the party scene is a good thing.

She's got guts, that Lindsey Stirling.  I'm super happy for her success.

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