Monday, January 18, 2016

Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodges

genre: young adult fantasy

Rachelle made a horrible choice.  When a man from the Forest came to claim her, she did not resist and, with one unforgivable act, became bound to the Devourer and his hoards of Forestborn.  Now as a servant of the king and must do his bidding.  When his wish is for Rachelle to become the bodyguard for his son, she is compelled to take the post.  Knowing what she knows of the Devourer and what is to come, she is on the hunt for the one precious thing that might save her, and she won't let the Forestborn or the King's son to get in her way.

Truth: this books is a crazy page-turner and I really enjoyed it.  Second truth: I had a really hard time "getting" it at first.  It was nearly embarrassing, how challenging it was for me to slip the pieces together in my brain to understand this world that our author created.  Forestbound, bloodbound, a rampant evil stewing on the edge, ready to suck the light from the earth.  It's an intense fantasy, one that is bloody and full of pain.  But there is also redemption and forgiveness - it's a hard road to find it but it's beautiful when it's found.

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Laura's Reviews said...

This books sounds fascinating and I love the cover!

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