Friday, December 25, 2015

My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin

genre: historical fiction

Cora Cash has known nothing but the kind of privilege that the 1890s has to offer - as the only daughter and heiress of a ridiculously rich New York family, her life has been one long experience in excess and wealth.  When it's time to find a husband, a rich American is not enough.  Cora's family needs her to get a title - not a particularly hard task, when there are virtually penniless British aristocrats crawling out of the woodwork.  But Cora's reception in England isn't all that warm and the man that catches her eye seems to have a depth that he isn't willing to share.  Once she makes her choice, it seems as though happiness and a title may not be things she can have at the same time.

This was a little slow going for me.  Cora is SO naive sometimes that I just wanted to shake her, it almost feels unrealistic that she'll make such disastrous choices and in one situation, TWICE, the same stupid choice.  I think I wasn't anticipating this to be a story of a marriage - the "romance" was so short that it caught me super off-guard and so the rest of the story I was trying to feel deeply about their relationship but it was hard.  Once I finally got into the groove I started caring but even in the end I felt sort of blah about all of them.  The wicked people feel so wicked and it ends without everything being resolved.  What I do like is the time period and the whole "British-American-Heiress" is very intriguing to me.   The writing is solid and the pacing is fine I just wasn't in love with it.

3.5 stars

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