Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Arabella by Georgette Heyer

genre: historical fiction

Arabella, as one of the vicar's many children, has never anticipated a sparkling and wildly successful London season.  Just to GET to London, to see its sights and no longer have to only imagine its wonders would be enough.  But when Arabella's Godmother invites her for the season, Mama makes it happen.  Along the journey, however, Arabella crosses paths with none other than THE Nonpareil, Mr. Robert Beaumaris.  A careless remark on his part and Arabella tells a fib that turns her season upside down - in ways both amazing and horrifying.

Okay.  This is so very fun.  I completely ignored everything else I was supposed to do for a day because I had to follow this story to its end.  Arabella isn't Heyer's best heroine but she is delightful, with her passionate desire to help the wretched and her ability to stir up trouble coupled with an intense desire to do right.  Mr. Beaumaris is just as romantic and witty as he should.  I will say that a secondary plot with Arabella's brother wasn't quite as enthralling and I did skim a bit, but overall, this book gave me everything I need from a Georgette Heyer Regency Romance: entertainment.

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