Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

genre: ya magical realism

Finn has always been known to the people of Bone Gap as a dreamer, someone really not completely "there." But Finn knows what he's missing: Roza who was there and then gone. He knows she was taken but in Bone Gap, he's the only one who believes she didn't leave because she wanted out. In a town where the corn speaks to those who listen and bee problems are solved by a girl with golden hair and a stinging edge to match the stinger of any worker bee, Finn knows what he needs to find but has no idea how to look.

For me, well-done magical realism has this otherworldy amazingness, like the world is crisper and more incredible than I could've imagined.  This story caught me from the first chapter - Finn's loss and how he grieves it, his brother who is so strong but so tender when he needs to be.  I liked the changing perspectives in the narrative and some of the ways the plot twisted just fit so gorgeously without making me feel like my mind was blown or like it was too much.  The love story (stories, really) is powerful and made me remember well those days of my first real relationship with a boy, how it's so beautiful and yet so painful at the same time.

This book just hit the spot.  I liked the story, its' resolution, its' creepiness and its' beauty.  Glad I found it on the shelf at my library.

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